Pre & Post Tan

Pre & Post Tan Instruction


Pre Tan Instructions:

1. Shower, Shave & Exfoliate the Night Before your appt with a Non Oil Based Scrub. (We can do the exfoliation for you, just ask when booking your appointment)

2. DO NOT apply Lotions or Deodorant after showering.

3. Strongly recommend bringing a towel or something to sit on for the car ride home.

4. We recommend you wear loose dark clothing & flip flops. (Example: Pants vs Shorts)

5. Be prepared to NOT shower or sweat for at least 10 hours.


Being Prepared For Your Appointment:

Have your hair up and ready for a shower cap to be applied.

Remove all jewelry that you don't want to be sprayed with tan.

Be on time, because appointments are every 15 mins and typically booked back to back. 


Post Tan Instructions:

1. Do not shower for at least 10 hours after tannning. (Unless told otherwise by your technician)

2. After showering apply lotion generously daily. 

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